Friday, February 17, 2012

How to reset SmartEvent database, Cause:Error at Reports

1. Run evstop to stop the reporter module.
2. Delete all files in the \var\$RTDIR\Database\log directory.
3. Delete all files in the \var\$RTDIR\Database\data directory
4. Extract the contents of $RTDIR\conf\db_files.tgz to \var\$RTDIR\Database\data directory.
5. Run evstart to start the reporter module.

This process will completely overwrite the existing database files with clean new ones.

Manual NAT not working!

2 Things to know about Manual NAT and ARP

on the upstream router you have to route the external NAT address or address range to the external interface address of the firewall,if its cluster then add routes to vip ip

If you can't manage the router then you have to add the nat ip and mac addresses of related ext interface described at sk30197