Monday, May 23, 2011

Iphone IPad support for Connectra

Connectra (All versions for now 23.05.2011) does not support Checkpoint Mobile Vpn Software , you cant use the Vpn client because certificate enrollment is not supported you will get an error "Certificate Enrollment Failed" You have to upgrade to Mobile Access Blade.

You only can use safari browser but if you are using ICS then again you wont be able to login to Portal.

Deployment shell internal error at Connectra

To successfully use Connectra Portal ICS (Scanning with compliance policy ) activeX and Java VM should be installed on the pc, If the two components are successfully installed another component deployment shell installation begins , if you have a problem with the two prequiste you cant install the deployment shell and you get the warning deployment shell internal error.
Solution: unregister the pc from windows domain (you wont deal with GPO,User Profiles,Security Templates , etc. ) unistall everything and do a fresh install.

Also, ICS components reside at /opt/CPcvpn-R66/htdocs/ICS/components for R66.1 server ,replace them by the new files from your test vm
and apply the command # cvpn_port_utility.csh.R66_01

Also checkout

use "wusa /uninstall /kb:2562937"    command to uninstall the related update.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SmartSPLAT v4 is now Released

    I'm pleased to announce the release of SmartSPLAT v4

This version includes a number of new features,

New Floaty Terminals,
New Floaty HTML Notepad with browser support,
New Recording options, You can now record everything within Shells,
New SCP support you can upload and download files via browsing, (Integrated with Putty PSCP)
New Tufin Terminal Support
New Nokia Terminal Support
New HyperTerminal support for Win7
New External software support , you can now open debug outputs via WordPad or Wireshark,
New Confirmation dialogs and tooltips on commands
New Syslog Server supports Windows 7 and Server 2008