Tuesday, August 23, 2011

R65.X to R7x Upgrade - How to Uninstall Connectra Plugin

Dont forget to uninstall the plugins,

Uninstall Connectra plugin

# /opt/CPPIconnectra*R65/bin/plugin_preuninstall_verifier
# /opt/CPPIconnectra*R65/bin/plugin_uninstall

Uninstalling VOIP Plugin

# /opt/CPPIvoip-R65/bin/plugin_preuninstall_verifier
# rpm –e CPVOIPCMP
# /opt/CPPIvoip-R65/bin/plugin_uninstall

R75 Console Crash Problem

We have faced some dashboard problems after upgrading to R75 , SmartDashboard or Tracker crashes randomly , There is an improved version named Check_Point_SmartConsole_r75_Improved.exe , I will suggest you to request this file from Checkpoint Support.

R75.20 Upgrade failed via Check_Point_Upgrade_for_R75.20.Splat.tgz

So Interesting but I have encountered this problem at two different customers and
followed a solution with # patch add cd command via Check_Point_R75.20.Splat.iso
As you already know you can use SmartSplat to upload an iso file to firewall and mount it like a CDROM with single clicks.