Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to upgrade the software and migrate a distributed SmartCenter to a Full HA Cluster

This procedure is my solution method...

Take an upgrade_export file from the source SMC and import it to your vm machine with the same name and upgrade it to the version u want.
This is a MNG so you cant export and import it to a standalone firewall machine,
lets fake the system that its also a firewall with the command
# cpprod_util FwSetFirewallModule 1
check it via # cpprod_util FwIsFireWallModule
close SmartDashboard and relogin, you will see the firewall tab.
take a new upgrade_export for the utm box
You have to install the appliance as full HA primary cluster member and then,
# cp_conf fullha disable   disable its cluster membership...
import the config reboot and
# cp_conf fullha enable  to set it back to fullhacluster

Thats it, Goodluck