Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Check Point Mobile for iPhone and iPad

You want to make a remote access vpn from IPhone or IPAD device but dont know where to start,
Here is a checklist that i have prepared for you:

Firewall version must be ; R71.10 (only with an EA hotfix) R71.30,A patch that will enable support in R75 is coming shortly
License : Mobile Access Blade

enable the checkbox SSL Vpn "new name Mobile Access"
if you see a 404 page instead of Portal Site keep in mind that CD2 of splat may require with using the command #sysconf_wrapper

also the command #cvpnd_settings set MobileAppAllowed "true" is required to enable support for iPhone and iPad on the Mobile Access gateway continue with restarting the Mobile Access Software Blade services: #cvpnrestart and do a #toggleCvpnPortal off and #toggleCvpnPortal on

At the firewall initiate the certificate on the user that you create during the setup wizard, write it down you will use it at ipad device to pull the certificate from the firewall. 

At the IPAD device, go to APPStore download the Checkpoint Mobile software, you have all the necessary info for two-factor authentication,
fw ip, reg-key "that is the key you created with the initiate button" and the checkpoint user/pass

To view a demo of the business web portal, launch the app and set up the below credentials:

• SERVER: idemo.checkpoint.com
• ACTIVATION KEY: demo-1234
• PASSWORD: cpdemo

And other similar question is, "I have also 64 bit Windows clients How can i make a protocol independently remote vpn from them" answer is simple enable SNX inside SSL VPN Portal, to do this create at least one Native application, also checkout Additional settings - VPN Clients tab for startup options.

Note: Citrix is not supported from ipad / iphone client. If citrix is configured for the SSL VPN portal, ipad / iphone clients will not be able to see it on the portal and also there is no target date to support this feature yet.
and also note that to connect via other protocols you have to use L2TP VPN

Thats all

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